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Digital Dentistry

Improve your smile in one appointment.
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Same Day Smile Makeover

CEREC allows us to design and create custom restorations for your teeth in a single appointment. It’s what we like to call, ‘the same day smile’.


With many years of experience using CEREC 3D technology, Gunn Dental Care has designed and created thousands of smiles for patients within one appointment.


In addition to saving time, CEREC eliminates the need for impressions and temporary fillings.


The Process

How we transform your smile in one day.

Step One

Using an intraoral scanner, we take a 3D photograph of your mouth which is transmitted directly onto the CEREC computer and uploaded to the software.

Step Two

The software will design the restoration and the milling machine will carve out the missing piece of tooth from a ceramic block that matches the colour of your teeth.

Step Three

Within hours, the new piece is bonded to your existing tooth, shined, and buffed to match your teeth, and you can leave with your new smile that day.
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What Next?

We are more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding this treatment.


Contact us below and we will call you back as soon as possible to discuss any concerns and the best options for your smile.