New Patients are always welcome at the practice. In your first visit we will see how healthy your teeth and gums are, and come up with an action plan to keep them that way. If we find something that is not healthy, we will take great care in working out an action plan to get you healthy.

We use our sixteen point health check at all of your Dental Health Checks.

The 16 point Dental Health Check


  1. How healthy do you feel your teeth and gums are?
  2. Any problems or concerns?
  3. Medical health update This information is important because there are lots of medical conditions and over 200 medicines which could affect the health of the mouth
    1. Are you taking or using any pills, potions, lotions, injections or inhalers?
    2. Could you be pregnant or menopausal?
    3. Have you been to a doctor or hospital recently or since we last saw you?
    4. Any allergies?
    5. Do you have any close relatives who have had heart attack, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s or lung disease? (this ‘family history’ may give us a good clue as to how susceptible you might be to plaque damage, and therefore how much attention we might need to pay to helping you maintain good gum health)
  4. Lifestyle risks:
    1. Smoking
    2. Alcohol
    3. Stress
    4. Anybody else in the household with gum problems?
  5. How often are you exposing your mouth to sugar, including in drinks?
  6. How often are you exposing your mouth to fizzy drinks?
  7. How often are you exposing your mouth to citrus fruit?
  8. What’s your routine for looking after your mouth?
    1. Electric or manual toothbrush?
    2. How often do you use anything between the teeth to remove plaque and debris?

Physical checks

  1. Health of the lymph glands, and the glands of the neck
  2. Health of the teeth
  3. Health and stability of restorations
  4. Health of the gums
  5. Presence of plaque (if there, not healthy)
  6. Health of the tongue, lips, cheeks and skin (oral cancer check)
  7. Health of the area under, between and inside the teeth
  8. Health of the bone levels

What happens at the end?

Our patients leave our Dental Health Check knowing so much more about their dental health in all of the above areas and also with an action plans to improve or maintain their dental health.