Today we are very aware of our dental health and the ways in which we can best protect our teeth for the future.

Many dental practices promote a pro-active approach to personal dental care advocating regular dental and hygienist check-ups combined with a healthy diet and good brushing habits.

We are also well placed to give advice on alternative interdental products which could significantly contribute towards keeping teeth and gums healthy in the future.

Despite our best efforts, plaque and dirt builds up every day in those hard to reach places in the mouth- for example in small gaps between our teeth. Often these gaps cannot be fully cleaned with dental floss but a standard toothbrush is too big!

Step forward the interdental toothbrush!

Single tuft interdental brushes come in different sizes so it’s important to select one that’s right.  It should fit snugly between a tooth touching all sides but requiring very little force to move it backwards and forwards. Patients often find they need to invest in different sizes.

Always aim to use your interdental brushes every day. Remember not to scrub too hard- a couple of strokes is enough.

It is common to experience some bleeding when you first use an interdental brush. This is quite normal. As the health of your gums improves it will stop.

Today there are many other ‘interdental’ cleaning items available including dental sticks, rubber tip stimulators and irrigation devices.

If you’d like to find out more please give us a call or book an appointment.