When you wake up, do you feel fabulous?

Or, do you suffer from:

What do all these symptoms have in common?

All these symptoms can have one common source: a hyper-activity of the jaw muscles. External signs are teeth grinding or clenching, which generally occur during sleep, when they are not consciously controllable. Some patients may also grind or clench their teeth during the day, e.g. in periods of increased stress or concentration.

What’s the difference between the mini splints and the traditional dental nightguard?

Traditional nightguard devices and the flat-plane splints provide a surface for you to ‘bite down on’. New studies show, however, that these devices can actually increase the intensity of your clenching reflex over the maximum force you can exert without the device. As a result your symptoms can even get worse!

With the advent of the revolutionary NTI-tss style device we can begin to solve the real problem: actually preventing your back teeth from clenching intensely and thus eliminate the source of your pain.

Can the NTI-tss device really improve the quality of my life?

Yes. By reducing the intensity of involuntary clenching while you are asleep (and sometimes even during the day, when stress or high concentration triggers unconscious involutary clenching), the NTI-tss device minimises clenching intensity and in time, reduces the primary source of your pain.

Now imagine the changes in your life and the activities you will be able to enjoy after successful reduction or even elimination of your pain!