Let’s face it- we are all well aware of the importance of brushing our teeth. For most of us it’s a standard part of the day which passes quickly and without much though.

But, have you ever wondered just how well you’re cleaning – or whether you’re actually spending enough time looking after those pearly whites!

With a major focus on prevention in dentistry today we can’t emphasize enough the importance of putting in a little extra time now. It really will help to protect the long-term health of your mouth.

So, how could you improve the process of brushing your teeth? Have a read through our tips below for some ideas.

Choose the right toothbrush:

Other products can really help

Make sure you are brushing for long enough

Brush correctly

What if I’m not near a toothbrush?

Ok, there are times when it’s not that easy to clean your teeth but there are various ways in which you can temporarily clean and freshen your mouth- helping to reduce tooth acids until it is possible.

Remember hygiene!

Teach the younger members of your family the same good habits